Introducing DreamBox

DreamBox is a Vagrant environment for DreamHost users. It replicates not only the package versions and server setup, but also the shared hosting setup, meaning any files that require a full path will work both locally and on your server.

To get started with DreamBox, run the following in Terminal:

vagrant init goodguyry/dreambox
vagrant up
Or add 'goodguyry/dreambox' to an existing Vagrantfile

User setup

Once the VM is created and ready, ssh into the VM and run sudo user_setup.

The user_setup script will prompt for the following information:

  • Username: Your SSH/SFTP username.
  • Site root: Your website’s root folder name, most-likely the same as your domain name.
  • Project root: The local directory, relative to your project root, that will hold your web files; this defaults to web.

See the DreamBox documentation for information about automating user_setup as part of your Vagrant provisioning.

DreamBox is available for VirtualBox and VMware. I’m excited for this to finally be out in the world and hope DreamHost users find it useful.