• Eleanor & Curtis

    The story of my grandparents' fateful meeting – twice.
  • Introducing DreamBox

    One thing I haven’t been able to find is a Vagrant box replicating the DreamHost shared hosting environment, so I made one.
  • Remembering Pinky

    A tribute to the best dog ever, and the source of my wife’s greatest joy.
  • Jekyll Navigation

    An exploration of an approach to Jekyll site navigation, with an additional approach for multi-lingual sites.
  • Multi-Tenant WordPress

    Multi-Tenant WordPress is similar to WordPress Multisite, but each site uses a separate database. It’s more difficult to set up than Multisite, but has some specific advantages.
  • Git Hooks, Grunt and Jekyll on Dreamhost

    I recently spent the better part of a day getting Grunt and Jekyll to properly execute via a Git post-receive hook. Here are some notes about getting Node, Grunt and Jekyll running on a shared Dreamhost server.

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